Sonoma Coastal EquesTraining�
The cross training destination for our human and equine friends.
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Managed for horse Safety, Health, and Happiness, our focus is natural approach to horsemanship and care. "If I were a horse, what would I want?" This question has been asked many times in the design of pastures, stalls, feeding arrangement and continues to be asked daily.

Our horses at SCEC receive the best of care and attention. The basic elements include:
  • Separated feeding system and pastures for Mares and Geldings horses with plenty of shelters and density control
  • Barn space devoted to horse quarantine, vet, and shoer
  • Cotati Large Animal Vet (9.5 miles) and Sonoma Marin Veterinary Service - Large Animal Practice (5 miles) are close and familiar with the location
  • Individual care, feeding and roll call twice per day, pasture management in spring to avoid over nutrition
  • Pasture paddocks are fenced with safety fencing to reduce injuries and protected with perimeter fencing and safety gates that automatically open and close behind vehicles
  • Special care and attention paid to hoof health with dry shelter floors and weekly treatment
  • On site management

Our horses at SCEC receive:
  • Two daily feedings with local orchard grass
  • One weekly grooming
  • Daily full body and spirit check
  • Pasture management during spring to manage nutrition and risk of overeating or foundering
  • Supervision of worming schedule and horse while with farrier or vet (prepaid by owner)
  • Use of riding facilities - round pen, arena (coming) and trails / cross country

Options for boarded horses (fees stated are monthly):
  • Pasture boarding with run in barns
  • Stall with turnout - frequent cleaning, feeding of graining / supplements provided by owner
  • Customized service regimen designed for your horse could include - blanketing $30, fly spray application $30, clipping varies by horse and style, medication varies by frequency, and more

If you have a layup or arena sour horse - let the beauty, large pastures, and time in the herd heal them and teach them to be a horse again.
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