Sonoma Coastal EquesTraining�
The cross training destination for our human and equine friends.
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We offer our horse a natural environment and take safety and happiness seriously. All efforts have been made to reduce injuries and fighting as the responsible caretakers of our equine friends.

For the Horse:
  • Enormous separate pastures for mares and geldings and generous stalls
  • Unique feeding structure to reduce fighting
  • Exclusive European safety fencing
  • Hot and cold wash racks
  • Barn space devoted to horse quarantine, vet, and shoer

For the Rider:
  • Groomed and maintained trails separated by jumpable fences or easily opened gates
  • Outdoor jumping course and natural water obstacles
  • Seasonal cross-country course for all levels
  • Excellent terrain for driving with natural obstacles
  • 60-foot round pen
  • 50 x 83 meter (150’ x 250’ feet) sand arena
  • Enclosed area near tack for grooming and tack-up
  • Tack room with saddle, bridle, and clothing area designed for lounging and changing.

SCEC’s natural terrain—gentle slopes, steeper inclines, natural water obstacles, and acres of open land—is perfect for our training approachin - EquesTraining™ which develops cardiovascular fitness and musculature, a courageous mind-set, and an eager attitude.

We enjoy never having to hook up the horse trailer, just saddle up and enjoy riding through SCEC’s verdant rolling hills, natural ponds, and picturesque pinot noir vines. SCEC offers every type of terrain and training situation, resulting in a fully muscled, conditioned horse—with a happy attitude and serene mind.

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